• Internet History Eraser 8.0
    Windows 7 support
    Opera 10 support
    Minor bugs fixed.

  • Internet History Eraser 7.6
    Now it can added itself automatically to Task Scheduler in Windows Vista, not need to add it  manually
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 7.5
    Added support for Google Chrome
    Change the default running privilege
    Minor bugs fixed.

  • Internet History Eraser 7.2
    Added support for Mozilla firefox 3
    Added support for Opera 9.5
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 7
    Added supported for Apple Safari browser (Safari Plugin)
    Selecting hidden/system folder is  now supported when creating custom item and plugin
    Fixed a bug with Vista privilege
    Other minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 6.1
    Windows Vista fully supported
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 6.0
    Internet Explorer 7 fully supported
    Added support for Opera 9
    Added a Stop button
    Added Recycle Bin right click menu
    GUI optimized, Clean Hard Disk Free Space moved to Settings page main screen
    Minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 5.6
    Added support for newest Firefox 1.5
    minor bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 5.5
    Added support for cleaning unwanted data on removable disk (including floppy, flash disk, CF card, SD card, memory stick etc) beyond recovery.
    Added an option for erasing all IE history data of all user account.
    Added support for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
    Added support for latest AOL 9
    Added support for Netscape 8
    Added support for Opera 8
    Added support for clearing IE content advisor password
    Added Right Click Menu for File Shredder
    Added folder shredding feature for File Shredder

  • Internet History Eraser 5.0

    Added a File Shredder which lets you select files to shred easily, more convenient than using plugin or custom item.
    Added support for hiding Unread Email Count from Windows XP login screen.
    Added support for not displaying the last user name  from the login Screen.
    Added an option to clear Windows Page File at shutdown.
    Added a feature to erase MSN Messenger user account.
    Enhanced the feature of homepage protection.
    Modified the log Management feature
    Fixed the registration bug with limited user account on Windows XP

  • Internet History Eraser 4.5
    Changed the GUI
    Added support for MSN 9
    Fixed the registration problem with limited user account on Windows XP
    Minor bugs fixed


  • Internet History Eraser 4.11

    Added support for AOL 9
    Added support for Opera 7.2
    Small bugs fixed 

  • Internet History Eraser 4.1

    Added Online Update, which can notify you  once a new version or new plugin are available, you can download new version or new plugins directly in the program.

    Added Change Directory option for Netscape, Opera, AOL, Mozilla, Outlook Express. it's useful if you didn't install above programs to their default folder.

    Added Change Hotkey option, you can change the Bosskey and the key to bring it up from Stealth mode.

    Added Options for Bosskey, now you can select to hide which programs, the programs including IE, Netscape,AOL,MSN Messenger, etc.

    Added Clearing Clipboard option

  • Internet History Eraser  4.0

    Added support for overwriting free space of hard disk, it can overwrite the deleted files even not erased by Internet History Eraser see here
    Added support for Outlook Express, it lets you erase unwanted mailboxes and newsgroup completely
    Added support for Mozilla browser
    No show a flash windows on windows startup in Stealth mode
    Erase the empty subfolder in Custom Item now
  • Internet History Eraser 3.0

    Added support for Netscape 7 preview, Netscape 2.2.3
    Added support for Opera 6.0.x
    Enhanced the Home Page Protection feature
    Added Exclusion Option for Custom File & Folder item
    Fixed other small bugs 

  • Internet History Eraser 2.0

    Added the Plugin Maker button on the plugin screen
    Do not show the Completed Dialog Box in Stealth
    Enhanced the Custom feature
    Fixed small bugs with Plugin Maker

  • Internet History Eraser 1.1

    Added the support for AOL 7.0
    Enhanced the Home Page Protection feature, now it can fix most of the problems of this kind
    Enhanced the Plugin Maker
    Added a warning screen when pressing Erase Now
    Small bugs fixed

  • Internet History Eraser 1.0

    New Release




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