Free Applications Plugins Download

Instructions: (only Tracks Eraser Pro supports plugins)
1. Start Tracks Eraser Pro, go to


2. Click Check For New Plugins Now

select the plugins you want to download and click Download Now
3. After downloading, go to

Eraser Settings->Applications

You will see the plugins you just downloaded, enable it.
  If you have a program that does not support here, please tell us ,we will try to support soon. we also have a free Plugin Maker, if you know where the tracks of a program stores, you can make plug-in yourself, more info click here


Note: The Plug-Ins on this page are set to use their default installation folder,  if you changed these settings the plug-ins may not work.   Please note that though we have fully tested these plug-ins on our systems, but we can not guarantee it will work on all systems. 

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