What Traces Left On Your Computer

Anyone know what  you were doing


  • Location Bar History  the website you visited, the build-in  function can not remove them( see example)

  • Cookies  Web sites send small text files to your browser to keep track of your on-line sessions. They are particularly useful when you want a Web site to auto-sign you into a registration process. However web sites also use cookies to track you through the site. With Tracks Eraser , you can select which cookies you want to erase and which one you want to keep. (see example)

  • Cache & History   Browser saves web pages, images from visited Web sites into your hard drive whether you click on them or not,  so that next time when you visit you won't have to re-download the image. But this means that many megabytes of data of all types get saved to you hard drive. Anyone who can use your PC can tell where you have been browsing on the web (see cache example) (history example)

  • Autocomplete Memory  Internet Explorer  can store a record of almost everything that you typed into any web site form. Form data can be things such as all the keywords you have ever typed into a search engine and personal information such as your name and address. (see example)

  • Index.dat  index.dat can not delete manually. Even if you clean up your cache, cookies, and history from within the Internet Explorer browser regularly, the index.dat files will continue to store information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved.
    (see index.dat example before erase
    (see index.dat example after erase)

  • IE Plug-Ins The IE Plug-Ins use to provide some functions that the browser can not provide, for example, some  chat room and games may use plug-ins to accomplish special functions

  • Recent Documents  lists the last 15 document files that you have accessed, allowing any of these documents to be reopened simply by clicking on the name of the document. (see example)

  • Windows Search History  Windows saves the files, text and computers you have ever searched, so when you want to search again, you do not need to type again, but others can also find what you have searched on your computer.  (see example)

  • Start Menu Run History  Windows stores the programs you ran in the start menu run text box. so that you do not need to type if you want to run it again, but it will also let others have the choice to see what program you have run. (see example)

  • Windows Temp  Windows saves temp files to this folder, it will take a large amount of disk space if you don't clean it regularly, and it also tracks what you have done on your PC. (see example)

  • Open/Save History  Windows records you opened and saved files list in registry, every time when you want to open/save a file, it will display a list of files you accessed before, others can see what files you have accessed. (see example)

  • Office Recent Documents  Other than the Recent Documents mentioned above. the office recent documents stored the recent accessed office files (like Word, Excel and Powerpoint  files) in the registry. Delete the windows Recent Documents can not delete them.

  • RealPlayer Playlist  Realplayer records the recent played Internet location, video and sound files in the registry, others can see what movies , videos you have seen. (see example)


  • MediaPlayer Playlist  Mediaplayer records the recent played Internet location, video and sound files in the  registry, others can see what movies , videos you have seen. (see example)


  • Other Applications Most applications/programs stores their recent accessed files and history data, which also can be seen by others, with Tracks Eraser Pro's free plugins, you can easily erase them. click here to see the plugins

    To view all of above history data in a single program, you can use a free History Viewer
With only one click,Internet History Eraser can easily erase all the above tracks automatically!

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